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Kim Wagner and her family founded Black Bottom Farm as a pasture-raised livestock farm in Kent County on Maryland's Eastern Shore. After nearly 10 years of selling directly to customers at regional farmer's markets, in 2018 Kim founded the Black Bottom Farm Collective to serve her neighbors delicious, wholesome food sourced from responsible-growing partners via home-delivery of online products.

Kim and her foundation sow Rose (now living out her days in retirement at the farm).

Since then, the Collective has grown into a local food mover and shaker with one foot on either side of the Bay Bridge! We now manage a market garden, a commercial kitchen where we make fresh, ready to eat options with local ingredients, as well as the online farmers market and delivery, and in 2020 we're launching a new food truck.  

Many of the Collective's current home-delivery customers have been buying from Kim since her earliest days, and know her well from long visits at the farmer's markets.  If you're new to buying from her and the Collective, however, the following underscore the beliefs that guide daily operations.

We believe in food as the foundation of wellness.

Aside from nutritional benefits to the consumer, we believe that good food nourishes the earth, creates space for an economy driving good changes in the local landscape, and supports a healthy, thriving community. How you eat has a huge impact on the environment, your health, the local economy, and your community. This is why we do what we do. We believe everyone has a right to transparency in their food choices. To make those choices easier, we encourage transparency in our practices and those of our partners, the reduction of pesticide and herbicide use, the utilization of biodynamic, regenerative, and organic farming practices, and the use of eco- and pollinator friendly practices.

We believe in community.

These are real people making real food. We keep it local, typically within 100 miles of our delivery location. We partner with intention: we support growers and producers who hold themselves to high standards of care for their creatures and plants, their customers, and our earth.

We believe in collaboration over competition.

We can all get further if we work together. The Collective fosters a community of like-minded business people. We help cultivate our local good food movement by partnering with small-scale operations and innovative thinkers. We open up new and diverse markets for our partners while taking the stress off of consumers to shop for products that are good for their health and good for the earth.

The Black Bottom Team

  • Kim Wagner, Founder/Owner
    Kim Wagner, Founder/Owner
    Founder, Owner, Farmer Lady in Chief